Celebrities Lend A Helping Hand At Thanksgiving

by Chiara Atik · November 30, 2009

    Thanksgiving, the time for turkeys, families, and photo ops. This year, celebrities such as Dane Cook, Holly Madison, and even the Obamas all spent part of their holiday serving food to those less fortunate. We're sure their intentions were all altruistic, but, lucky that there was a camera there to capture it all, eh?-

    From Georgia to Las Vegas, Washington D.C. to LA, the stars (and political figures?) below carved turkey and dished out pumpkin pie. Always appreciated, photo op or not.

    Akon, Ludacris

    Holly Madison

    The Obamas

    Corbin Bleu

    Kirk Douglass

    Dane Cook, Arsenio Hall

    Dane Cook

    R. Kelly [via Meetthefamous].

    [Images via Getty].