Jay Z, Hood Forever, Hangs Out At Goldman Sachs Headquarters

by Stanely Stuyvesant · November 25, 2009

    Lloyd Blankfein is not the only man with a messiah complex at 85 Broad Street right now. Deservedly boastful rapper Jay Z entered the hallowed halls of Goldman Sachs at around 1pm this afternoon, leaving a fleet of Escalades to idle on Broad Street while he paid a visit. We suppose this isn't too out of the ordinary. Jay is a businessman after all. And, as he recently reminded us, he's living down in Tribeca, a stone's throw from the financial district.

    Who knows? Maybe he went in search of the swine flu vaccine. Or to give voice to the unwashed masses and scold GS for its obscene bonus payments. Or just to meet the great vampire squid in person.

    Regardless, Goldman is almost as unlikely a Jay Z hangout as a Grizzly Bear concert.