First Double Portrait of Princes William And Harry Unveiled

by SARAH MANDATO · January 6, 2010

    Today, London's National Portrait Gallery unveiled the first official double prince portrait. Artist Nicky Philips captured the young royals in what she describes as a "human element." Cause, you know, we all lounge about the house in our army uniforms. Oh, and our house just happens to be a royal residence, not unlike their official home, Clarence House.

    While Prince William always looks rather stately (if I do say so myself), the little bro was likely best attired in formal dress, since past personal outfit choices have, in poor judgment, included both a Nazi uniform and anything that can aptly conceal drug paraphernalia. With his recent reuniting with on-again, off-again girlfriend Chelsea Davy and the dedication to His Majesty's organized military, maybe he is all growed up, as the new likeness clearly intends.

    And William. With girlfriend Kate Middleton heading stateside, it's important that he enjoy the informal moments, as captured, with family. The responsibilities awaiting him, both with the crown and if bets correctly display a marriage in the near future, are great.

    My portrait penchant leans more toward white polos and beaches, but I think down the line we'll all appreciate the youthful image, where a somewhat tender age balances the very adult dress and regal setting. And of course, it's just fun to look at: both Brits are easy on the eyes, and what girl doesn't dream of becoming a princess? Until they're at the altar, there is still a glimmer of hope...