Introducing Nellie Bly

by guestofaguest · May 7, 2008

    nellie-bly-150x125Note from GofG: Nellie Bly would be 144 years old were she alive and kicking it today. Instead, she has fans everywhere (mostly women) that will continue to hail her as their role model for independence. In between her famous undercover exposé in which she faked insanity so that she could experience the disjustices in a mental institution first hand (and live to write about it in Ten Days in a Mad-House) and her record breaking trip around the world, alone, in 1888, Nellie was one of the few female journalists, writing for a Philly newspaper. Thus, a perfect fit for our own new member of the GofG team, an independent spirit herself, who calls the "city of brotherly love" home:

    Originally from Philadelphia, where my family still resides, I really only lament the fact that I can't get legit cheesesteak in NYC. Besides that, I am in love with Manhattan and all that it has to offer. I lived in London for several months and did alot of traveling throughout Europe, but ultimately, nothing beats New York. I have a passion for travel, nonetheless, and have a fervent interest in other cultures and greatly appreciate cultural integration in the form of food.

    Literature lover, coffee addict (black, of course), and ardent sports follower, I am more or less a Renaissance woman of interests. Finishing up my undergrad at NYU where I study English and American Literature, as well as Irish Studies (Yes, Gaelic is still a language, believe it or not), I frequently find myself going for long walks up and down the avenues taking in the everyday life of the New Yorker.

    A typical day for me entails some writing, reading, and yes, I have to admit, a solid gym session. As far as being social goes, I am in constant need of stimulation, and therefore appreciate all offers of going out to take in the city and enjoy my surroundings. You can generally find me Monday nights at Barrow St. for a round of $3 pints and 40 cent wings - throw in a Yankees or Phillies game and I am one happy girl!

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