Daily Style Phile: Harold Ford, Jr.

by Cary Randolph Fuller · January 19, 2010

    His family pedigree and JD from the University of Michigan may have groomed him for a life of public service, but it's his marriage to Carolina Herrera's PR queen Emily Threkeld Ford that put former Representative Harold Ford, Jr. on the style map.

    As well known in New York media circles for a brief relationship with Julia Allison many moons ago as his political career, Ford can be seen working the campaign trail in dark suits paired with baseball caps (similar to another controversial city figure). Politicians aren't frequently known for their wardrobes and, judging by Sarah Palin's ill-advised makeover in 2008, also aren't encouraged too look too chic, but Ford really boosted his cred here when he married Emily. Like any good wife she coaxed him out of the pleated slacks and into sleek suits better fit for opera at the Met than his Memphis office.

    Rumored to contest Kirsten Gillibrand in the upcoming Senate election, Ford's sartorial makeover could not be more timely. Whether they like it or not, when it comes to politics, New Yorkers value form as much as function, and this couple's camera-friendly looks certainly won't deter voters come fall.

    [Before, and After]

    Ford lost his bid for the Senate in 2006 when a controversial ad linked him to Playboy parties and unseemly gallivanting, but New Yorkers love a comeback. Compare the above photo of Ford at a benefit in 2004 (courtesy of Patrick McMullan) with those of him and his wife. What a difference six years and a marriage make! Nice work, Harold...and Emily.

    Emily Threkeld Ford and Herald Ford Jr.