Decoding Stephanie Wei For Emily "The Eldridge" Brill

by Stanely Stuyvesant · September 24, 2008

    Emily BrillIt seems that Emily "The Eldridge" Brill has recently been quite the pot shot magnet. Page Six took a shotgun to her and managed to coax the "Grande Dame" Emma Snowdon-Jones into taking multiple "anonymous" snipes. Being quite the lady, Emily decided naturally not to unmask Emma, instead opting to post a detailed profile of Emma with everything short of her name.

    So we felt a little sorry for her and decided to lend a helping hand by unmasking Emma Snowdon-Jones. How could you not love this girl? With all of her Emilyisms and Brilliant unfiltered commentary through the oversized bug-eyed glasses of a "5th Avenue misfit".

    But things didn't get better. This Park Avenue damsel is in distress again. She was flummoxed by something Stephanie Wei said to her. More specifically the following quote:

    Stephanie Wei, bids us early farewell with these words: “Bye guys. If I’m ever uptown, I’ll call you.”

    Confession: I was a little surprised. I mean this was 70th and Park, not Schenectady and nobody at this ’social’ gathering was exactly foreign to the downtown scene (LES/East Village ’bushisms’ aside…:). I mean, what?

    Steph, I love you but come on…Care to explain?

    Ok, here's what Stephanie is really saying to you Emily (gulp):

    "Bye guys, If I'm ever uptown, I'll call you."

    That's it! No doublespeak, no bushism, no secret code. Though Steph can be radioactive at times, one thing she doesn't do is mince words. Perhaps it was the direct and utterly frank nature that caught you off guard? Oh well, no harm done my social blogging friend where none is meant. Keep drinking that tap water uptown, and we'll continue to decode messages for you.