Emily Brill, Sometimes The Apple Falls Far From The Tree

by Stanely Stuyvesant · September 26, 2008

    Its been a tough week on Wall Street, weather-wise, and Bill-wise.  But you won't catch any undercurrents of negativity from Emily Brill.  "Hey New Yorkers, TGIF! Let's Rock!" and with these famous blogging words, Emily starts her Friday, well on her way to finishing off what was an illustrious week for her on The Internets.

    While her sister is no doubt reading books for those Yale Graduate School exams in the library, Emily is going to another book repository, The Eldridge.  Its an odd book repository in that you can't actually read any books, and sometimes you have to wait outside for 40 minutes in order to gain entrance.  But to each her own. 

    So what else happened in Emily land?  She was called a "society outcast" in a Page 6 piece about her, which she shrugged off with a childlike naivete.  The same piece in which Emma Snowdon-Jones threw Emily under the bus while hiding behind a very transparent "anonymous" cover. Emily started to pull the shield off, and we finished the job.

    Moving onwards.  Emily decided to poke a little fun at Stephanie Wei, "essentially" insinuating that Stephanie was a downtown snob.  You know, one of those OMFG pieces.  Sure maybe she is a snob, but truth be told, Emily may just be a tiny bit jealous since her luck downtown hasn't been all that hot lately with The Eldridge or Rose Bar, or anything below 14th street for that matter.  Stay tuned for more Brilliant episodes next week.