Emily "The Eldridge" Brill Continues To Stay Above 14th Street

by Stanely Stuyvesant · September 25, 2008

    Emily Brill's fortunes just won't improve.  Last night a tipster reports that Emily Brill ventured down to the Rose Bar with Devorah Rose's BFF Briana Swanson.  Tipster reports:

    "Looks like Emily Brill decided to get her feet wet in the shallow end of the pool by heading down to Gramercy and stopping by Rose Bar.  No doubt she won't cross 14th street into the deep end.  Moreover, she and Briana got kicked from their table 1/2 way through the night.  Not the most encouraging of circumstances to make her want to venture back downtown to the Eldridge...lol"

    We also heard that Emily's new blog muse Stephanie Wei was there, and their interactions were "cordial".  But it must have been all appearances because the Brilliant Brillmeister tried to insinuate today that Wei couldn't get into Bea.  Hmmm...whether fact or fiction, your luck needs to change my friend.