Emily "The Eldridge" Brill Essentially Gets It Wrong

by STEPHANIE WEI · September 24, 2008

    Emily Brill, Paul Johnson CalderoneEmily, I write this post in response to your question with the utmost caution. You wield your drively pen like a big stick, and your hamfisted ways have been known to strike far and wide at even the most unsuspecting of victims. Clearly, I have not escaped your reach. Is it possible that Emma Snowdon-Jones had a point, a major one at that? Being dragged through the mud not once but twice by the louche reporter George Gurley of The Observer is enough for one person. But I digress.

    The reason I suggested that I would see you again "if I'm ever uptown" is because I figured you wouldn't be venturing downtown anytime soon. As you know, Eldridge Street is on the Lower East side, and well, The Eldridge is on Eldridge Street...as you know. And given your bad luck down here, waiting outside for 40 minutes and all, I figured you wouldn't be downtown anytime soon. Was I wrong? Pray tell.