The Emily Brill Hotline Is Now Up And Running!

by guestofaguest · November 3, 2008

    Okay we want everyone to relax.  We will get to the bottom of this, we will figure out where Emily is, and life WILL go on.  In the meantime, we realize how scared and upset you are.  Emily was like an addiction for a lot of people, and, like any good addiction, she will take awhile to get over.  We would like to make it a little easier today for you.  Go here to see Emily's archives of her very beginning posts, and click below to see the second to last post Emily did, which we found cached on Google (BRILLIANT!)  We also have her Facebook page (a screen shot, after the jump) with a comment she made just yesterday proving that she does still exist, at least in real life!

    Also, because we care so much about our readers, we have just opened up an Emily Brill hotline for those of you that just don't know if you'll make it through the week without your Brill fix.  For information email stanley [at] Operators will be standing by...(Hamilton Nolan, we have a specially trained therapist standing by especially for you!)

    [Emily "The Eldridge" Brill Teaches Us Not To Take Things For Granted] [Emily "The Eldridge" Brill's Blog Is Down]

    Excuses, Excuses: Let’s Narrate! October 23rd, 2008 · 4 Comments

    Hey New Yorkers,

    People still go to Bungalow (who knew?) and remember how I said fall is my favorite time of year in the city? I might’ve been kidding. It’s getting a little crazy and I’m exhausted again. Confession: I dont’ know how people do this. 3 events again tonight? Granted, I could and should go to these parties and not go out after, but nobody does that.

    Maybe the mobile post I wrote but restrained myself from sending en route home will give you a better sense of things:

    Hey New Yorkers, Wow okay wild night. It didn’t start at bungalow but it ended there. came over with a society writer. HIGHLIGHT. SPOTTED: 3 HUGE RATS ON W. 27th essentially scurrying! think i’m drunk? Actually I have you fooled. I’m totally sober. Just quite hopped up on diet coke. Yeah whatever I’m 25. Sue me. Every now and then, I need nights like this and you’re probably mistaking shiftaced for happy and energetic. Although nothing wrong with shitfaced. so many good memories of cab rides home from that place like the time ‘Brown Guy’ and I left Bungalow and went back to brown that day. somehow made it back by 3 for classes. I got to my polisci seminar, fell into the chair and I’m pretty sure I just took somebody’s book and planted my face into the middle of it….and just passed out. riding through empty streets coming across the park. This place is so beautiful. It sucks to go home alone. Movie star earlier. But I told him no. I’m a prude. Sorry. I wonder what my friends from brown did tonight. Or maybe they didn’t do anything. I bet they all got 7 hours of sleep. or at least 6. One of them had a birthday this wknd and didn’t even invite me. Asshat. Sent via BlackBerry

    Why I posted that, I’m not sure. It’s oversharing and it doesn’t really tell you what actually happened at the places I was. What really went on. But did any you ever watch My So-Called Life? Sometimes Claire Daines’ voice creeps into me. The expressions and even the way she tucks her hair back. People forget I’ve been at this for a year and there are so many worlds I straddle, and so much of this is still new to me–and I’m still trying to make sense of it. Even much of the language remains foreign.

    I still don’t understand why and how people can go out this much. “Drugs,” you’ll tell me. But no matter how much blow people do, don’t they have to sleep? And what about relationships? Marriage? Kids?

    Yours, E