You Need A Bike! Some Tips For Bike Riders In NYC

by Rachelle Hruska · May 27, 2009

    Wake up, you need a bike. Preferably one with a basket and handle streamers like this one here on the left. You've been holding off on buying one each year because of space issues, fear of your impending hipsterdom, and, let's face it, sheer laziness.  Hopefully this summer is the year you will finally decide to do it.  First thing's first, whether it's a $4k Hermes edition you seek, or a $10 lost and found item, check out my "Guide to buying a bicycle in New York City." Next, you need to take your bike on it's first ride. And, it better be a special one, because your bike needs to know she's loved.  I recommend the western hill in Prospect Park in Park Slope, Brooklyn (though maybe your bike is more of a Soho gal and would like a leisurely stroll around Prince Street).

    Make sure and fill her basket up with delicious treats, like these.

    You could go and get your bike blessed if you really want her to feel like she's part of the family,


    most importantly,

    Make sure and take your bike on some dirt roads outside of the city.  She needs to breathe fresh air once in awhile just like you.

    Happy riding!