JRL, The "Supercharged Super Jew" Continues To Take NYC's Shiksas By Storm

by Rachelle Hruska · January 7, 2010

    It's been some time since we've checked in with one of our city's strangest characters, Justin Ross Lee. The self-proclaimed "Jew Jetter" has taken a break from the Hamptons, but is wasting no time in continuing his quest in becoming the ultimate "Supercharged Super Jew" in NYC. We decided it was about that time to play catch up with the man that is on a quest to become the Jewish Tucker Max of our decade...

    If JRL were on foursquare, these are just a sampling of the places he would have checked in at in the last month:

    1Oak, Bagatelle, Revel, Juliet, The Box, Da Silvano, Thompson Hotel, Hudson Terrace, Savannas, Jane Hotel, St. Regis, Kiss n'Fly, Buddakan, RDV, Pink Elephant, Fred at Barney's, Brandy Library, Blue Ribbon Sushi, Per lei, Shun Lee Palace, Juliet, The Gates, Butter, Baraonda. Here are the photos to prove it!

    However, he also has lifetime bans from the following locations:

    Restaurant 212, Pastis, Best Buy in Chelsea, Avenue (Olsen Twins). Bridgehampton Polo (Star Jones), Marquee, Tao in Las Vegas, Hotel Giraffe, and the E23rd St Time Warner Cable customer service location. From his recent interview with Joonbug:

    JF: When you Photoshopped that picture of you and Star Jones, did you think you were going to get quite the reaction that you did? Who gets kicked out of Polo in the Hamptons?

    JRL: The Security Group, which runs that event, tells me that every security guard has my photo - courtesy of Noah Tepperberg, that bald prick, that coward. He printed out my photo with a big sign saying "do not admit." I felt like I was getting kicked off the lot at Paramount, and I've got to admit, it was an honor and a privilege, and I've never felt so VIP. As far as I'm aware, and trust me, I've asked for my own ego's sake, nobody has ever been thrown out of Polo. I revolutionized that. I have no trouble sneaking in, but they actually have plain clothes security guards walking around who know who I am. That, my friend, is an honor.

    JF: Polo isn't the only place you're banned from though, is it?

    JRL: No, there's a list on my Facebook page which is ever-growing...I'm banned from all the properties in The Strategic Group, which includes Tao in both NY and Las Vegas. Banned from Marquee, but who the fuck wants to go there anyway? I'm also banned from everything under the Emm Group - Mark Birnbaum and Eugene Remm - who claim to be the owners, even though they're just the marketing face of their venues. Realistically, that's the same as me saying I own a share in General Motors, and I'm the CEO. How much do you own? Well I own $25 worth of stock. When you own such a small percentage, that's not impressive. Birnbaum and his midget sidekick don't impress me.

    JF: Are you banned from anywhere you actually care about?

    JRL: No, I'm only banned from 10% of places I would really want to go to in New York.

    His Social Media Networking has picked up:

    Facebook: 4,983 friends and many more (left) in the waiting.

    Website: Is in the works

    Twitter: @JustinRossLee

    He's been throwing down the parties:

    And throwing down that Black Amex Card of his:

    And, he even had time to get an interview in!

    Highlights include:

    Jaime Felber:When did your Facebook celebrity image start? And when did you decide that this is how you are going to approach life?

    Justin Ross Lee:I never decided. I didn't choose Facebook, Facebook chose me and JF: Why were you fired?

    JRL: As a result of material on my Facebook page. It was either some woman that I didn't fuck right, or the boyfriend of a girl I didn't fuck right that sent a hate email, probably six or seven pages, to several thousand recipients over at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital where I was employed. I was so proud, I listed it as my first job and my place of employment on Facebook, not realizing that the Hospital is a conservative Christian 300-year-old institution, and I'm a loud-mouthed Jew. It's kind of like a Jekyll and Hyde situation: Should I behave myself at work? Should I be myself and pull this shit out at night?

    Of course, he's still "Jew-Jetting"

    "Jew Jetting is a philosophy by which you're travelling for no means other than simply to travel. You're going somewhere for a short period of time, you're flying in style, and you're doing it for no real reason other than to piss other people off, tell them you're traveling when they can't get away. It's the ultimate kick in the balls for somebody stuck at the office."



    And Ashley Olsen? Has he mended things with her?

    Not quite;

    "She's a fucking twit. She was a pompous ass, a gremlin, an ugly little rodent without make-up. Let me tell you something, and I hope she hears this. She is the type of person you would completely step on in a club, and I would think nothing more of it than "holy shit, I just got gum on my $500 Todd's." You wouldn't think twice about her. Most of these celebrities are the same way - I've met lots of them, and I've been thoroughly unimpressed with most of Hollywood, because they don't have the magic that we see on the big screen. It baffles my mind that a twit like this is worth half a billion dollars."






    What's next for JRL?

    Justin has recently accepted a position as the Editor-at-Large for Clubplanet. His column will be called "JEWced with JRL." My mission statement is to call out every asshole in the industry. No holds barred, completely controversial, I don't give a shit, shooting to kill.

    He's also hoping for a reality TV show.

    Note: Carson, this one's for you!