Boom Boom Room, The New Studio 54?

by SARAH MANDATO · September 15, 2009

    While we were chatting with society photog Patrick McMullan, he made the bold statement that the Boom Boom Room in the Standard Hotel was the biggest opening since Studio 54. After considering it, he might be right (the man's definitely an authority, having been to both).  Just sitting in Andre Balazs's new spot, you can feel the scene. There's a certain energy in the air. That got us thinking, what really would make a new Studio 54? Since we love spending time during one of the busiest weeks of our year  thoughtlessly pondering, here's what we came up with...

    The Dream Team was: Steven Rubell, Ian Schrager, Tim Savage and Jack Dushy.

    The Dream Team is: the one man hotelier: Andre Balazs. He hit it big with the Standard in Los Angeles, known for epic pool parties, hosting two episodes of Sex and the City, and the constant fiesta set at the West Hollywood address. Bringing the spot to New York compliments his other go-to's, including the Chateau Marmont. This isn't just your party boy business man. He's an alum of both Cornell and Columbia (not only a pretty face!), so the outlook on the new Dream Team is looking pretty good.

    The substances were: the "Man in the Moon with a Cocaine Spoon" is a symbol of the crazy era that 54 typified.

    The substances are: well, it's the city, you're up late...all we'll say is that the day Sugar Free redbull was invented was a happy one. Beyond that, well...yeah. Less out in the open, maybe?

    The usual suspects were: this list is legendary. Everyone who was anyone hit up the Studio. Andy Warhol, a fixture after the '81 reopening, is the name often associated with the nightclub. The opening night guest list included Mick and Bianca Jagger, Diana Vreeland, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Brooke Shields, Janice Dickinson, Donald and Ivana Trump, Rick Hilton and Jerry Hall. Cher was shut down at the door.

    The usual suspects are: opening night was a big one, smack in the middle of Fashion Week and it showed. Jude Law, Lindsay Lohan, Fern Mallis, Amanda Hearst, Madonna, Rachel Zoe, Donna Karan, Karolina Kurkova, Stephen Dorff, Nicky Hilton, Tory Burch...the list is endless. Funnily enough, Janice Dickinson was hopping around town opening night, a solid 32 years later. She couldn't make it, though. Overserved, you dig?

    The life was: Studio lasted despite a reorganization. It remained the place to be for decades, largely thanks to doorman Marc Benecke.

    The life is: Balazs is looking at longevity: timing the Standard's opening with that of the High Line, opening a beer garden, putting in a pool when it became obvious one was needed (a board short vending machine and no pool?!), making sure the Grill fed people right, throwing in some entertaining voyeurism and now the bar. He's in it to win it.

    The end was: Studio crashed hard. Schrager and Rubell spent over a year in prison for tax evasion. Once the club closed, money and coke were reportedly found in its walls. The Studio is now the Roundabout Theater (we did see a lovely version of "Waiting for Godot," there).

    The end is: Please. We'll see you there, tonight. In the meantime, check out some more snaps of the opening. We just can't get enough.

    Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan continuing to loooove her fingers

    Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan

    Vito Schnabel Vito Schnabel

    Terry Richardson, Jared Leto Terry Richardson, Jared Leto

    Jared Leto Jared Leto

    Chloe Sevigny Chloe Sevigny

    Waris Ahluwalia Waris Ahluwalia

    Nick Cohen Nick Cohen

    David X. Prutting David X. Prutting

    [Photos via The Cobrasnake].