You might not know you’re basic. You might be reading this while wearing Spiritual Gangster or Dodo Bar Or and think of yourself as well dressed. So this may be a red pill moment for you - and you may discover you're a Cypher and wish to be re-inserted into the matrix. Alas you're just a sheep brainwashed by Insta models and "street style stars." 

I won't even take cheap shots at your Supreme garbage or your Anti Social Social whatever - anything hypebeasty is low hanging fruit. But your Calvin Klein sets and Off-White are fair game. 

Profligate spending does not preclude you from bad taste. High end basic is still basic - it's like eating at Nobu/Matsuhisa in every city. It shows a lack of imagination and a weak sense of self. How can you self actualize if your 'self' is derivative? You're pre-actualized. 

The goal is to avoid trends with short shelf lives - the type that are obsolescent on arrival (anything from Revolve). The ideal wardrobe is one in which nothing is knocked off - in which nothing goes so mass market that a version becomes available at H&M. Caveat emptor, right?

Read on and self loathe.

[Photo via @whowhatwear]