Replay's Silvia and GianPaolo Buziol Celebrate "Denim, Drinks and Midnight Pasta" At Cipriani Upstairs

by SARAH KUNST · July 21, 2009

    Jessie Leavitt[Jessie Leavitt from NYC Prep, with friends].

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    Ignazio Cipriani, heir to the Cipriani empire, played host alongside Luca Tognozzi and Francesco Civetta at Cipriani Upstairs in celebration of Replay Clothing's 2010 Spring/Summer Collection. Paper's Mickey Boardman and Kristian Laliberte stopped by to sip bellinis while newly minted social fixtures Jessie Leavitt and P.C. of Bravo's NYC Prep were on the scene until well past their curfews.

    The late night pasta was a hit with Replay owners Silvia and GianPaolo Buziol and CEO Gaetano Sallorenzo and even eco-maven Summer Rayne Oakes was seen sneaking a plate.

    PC Peterson NYC Prep's PC

    Mickey Boardman Mickey Boardman

    Ari Goldberg, Kristian Laliberte Ari Goldberg, Kristian Laliberte

    Francesco Civetta Francesco Civetta

    Showing off a casualty of late night pasta eating.