Caftan season may be far off for those of us stuck in the city, but that just means it's time to book your spring break holiday. And when it comes to sunny days and lush lounging, nothing quite compares to MIRTH - after all, it's literally the feeling of pure joy.

A cult-favorite label loved by jet-setters and nomads, MIRTH Caftans is the brainchild of sisters (and travel buddies) Erin Breen and Katie McClure, who were struck by inspiration after a life-changing trip to India. They mingled with the locals, fell in love with the culture, and came across traditional textile and craft techniques that went far beyond the fast fashion we know in the states. An elephant ride cemented the idea and MIRTH Caftans was born.

Using handloomed woven fabrics created by Indian artisans, MIRTH values ethical employment, slow, high-quality production, and the revival of techniques passed on through generations. The results are, unsurpursingly, worldly, modern, and effortlessly luxurious. Perfect for the woman who goes off the beaten path - when she's not lounging by the pool.

With their resort collection launched just in time for mid-winter getaways, we caught up with Erin and Katie to learn more about the brand, their initiatives to give back, and, of course, their ultimate travel tips.

[Photos courtesy MIRTH Caftans]