10 Indulgent Avocado Meals You'd Never Guess Were THIS Healthy

Avocados are the nutrient-rich super food that we all know and love (and pay extra for at dinner). Offering around 20 different kinds of vitamins and minerals in every serving, avocados are our favorite way to kick our diets back on track. They're a great source of vitamin B, which is perfect for fighting infection and illness this winter, and the lutein will keep your eyes nice and healthy so they're in tip top shape to put behind your summer shades. But instead of spreading your avocado on toast and calling it a day, we're here to show you 10 new ways to get avocado into your diet (and even into your desserts)! From mac 'n' cheese to chocolate pudding, click through for delicious avo recipes that taste more like comfort food than health food.