Avocado Toast Chocolate Bars Are Officially A Thing

by Tyler Harris · July 19, 2018

    If you thought the world had already reached peak #AllAvoEverything, think again. Sure, everyone's favorite "healthy fat" fruit already has restaurants dedicated to it, lattes poured into it, and fries cut out of it, but this new innovation is sweeter than any of that.

    Introducing the new avocado *toast* chocolate bar by Compartés Chocolatier (the same brand that turned regular ol' avos into chocolate). 

    Not only is the bar absolutely gorgeous, it's also just as delicious as your go-to brunch order. With a blend of actual California avocados, caramelized bread pieces, and sea salt for flavor, this white chocolate goodness will have you indulging without the guilt.

    They sell for $9.95 and are only here for a short time - so stock up! They make great gifts for yoga buddies, vegan dogsitters, and brides-to-be on strict diets.

    [Photo via Compartés]