Barefoot Is Releasing The First Wine-Based Hard Seltzer & Now We Really Can't Wait For Summer

by Stephanie Maida · January 23, 2020

    It seems the golden age of hard seltzer will live to see another summer. But this year you won't have to settle for White Claw (or, God forbid, Four Loko's absolutely insane 14% ABV version). For those of you who can down a bottle of vino in one sitting, but might want to stay a bit more alert when you're drinking with friends, Barefoot has got you covered. 

    This spring, the cult-favorite wine brand is introducing Barefoot Hard Seltzer, the first nationally-distributed wine-based hard seltzer in the game. Um, cheers to that.

    Made with real Barefoot Wine, seltzer water and natural flavors, including Pineapple & Passion Fruit, Cherry & Cranberry, Peach & Nectarine, and Strawberry & Guava, the bubbly hybrid will boast just 70 calories and 2 grams of sugar with a 4% ABV. So basically, this stuff is made to be sipped in a bikini.

    Start looking out for 'em next month, and let the countdown to Barefoot Girl Summer commence.