Butterbeer Hot Chocolate Is The Most Magical Winter Treat

by Stephanie Maida · February 12, 2018

    Ah, the tail-end of winter. Thanks to a certain groundhog we will not name, it seems we'll have to deal with the cold and dreary season for a few weeks more. The only upside? It's pretty much the perfect time to snuggle up, stream a marathon of Harry Potter movies, and DIY some butterbeer hot chocolate.


    The wizards over at Delish have concocted the most magical cup o' cocoa to keep you warm while you relive Harry, Hermione, and Ron's best moments. No fancy spells required.

    Made with white chocolate, butter (duh), and butterscotch, it'll have you transported to the Three Broomsticks Inn in a single sip. Almost like floo powder, but way more delicious.

    Check out the full recipe HERE!

    [Photo via Delish]