Chef Jean-Georges Is Seriously Upgrading Your Super Bowl Snack Game

by Stephanie Maida · February 4, 2021

    With boozy bashes on the backburner this football season, you might have forgotten that yeah, the Super Bowl is coming up this Sunday. And while we guess it might be worth watching for Tom Brady alone, we decidedly non-sportsy people have been convinced to celebrate the big game thanks to none other than Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten.

    We mean, if this guy's catering our living room watch party, who cares if we have no idea what's happening on TV?

    The celebrity chef has curated luxurious take-out packages from his high-end properties across the city, and whether you opt for the crispy salmon sushi and tuna tartare from Mercer Kitchen or the egg toast with caviar from his namesake Jean-Georges Restaurant, his selection of Super Bowl bites are clearly a step-up from a sad bowl of salsa and burnt pigs-in-a-blanket. Although, if you're craving more traditional football food, Perry Street is offering baby back ribs in a passionfruit barbecue sauce, while packages from each eatery also include the chef's take on guacamole and fancy fried chicken, along with dessert. Considering the occasion, you don't even have to feel guilty about eating straight out of the take-away boxes.

    Packages are available for pickup or delivery this Sunday from all your favorite Jean-Georges spots. Go sports!