Chocolate Now Comes In Millennial Pink, Thank God

by Food52 · September 6, 2017

    Swiss chocolate makers have added a new color to the chocolate cache. It’s rosy, fruity, and looks like it came straight out of that generator that’s slowly turning everything around us millennial pink. Introducing ruby chocolate, the newest natural chocolate variety since the creation of white chocolate 80 years ago by Nestle.

    The pink hued product comes to us from the labs of Barry Callebaut AG, the world’s largest cocoa processors. Though the color may lean more pink than red, its developers are sticking to “ruby” when labeling their newest chocolate.

    The name comes from the ruby cocoa bean, the red-tinged fruit that gives the chocolate its distinct pink pigment. After a decade of development, Barry Callebaut devised a method for utilizing the bean’s unique appearance and flavor profile without the use of additives. Red-dyed cocoa power and chocolate may exist, but ruby chocolate's color is notably natural.

    Its color is not the only thing drawing attention to the chocolate. It supposedly tastes fruity and smooth, with hints of berry. "It’s natural, it’s colorful, it’s hedonistic, there’s an indulgence aspect to it, but it keeps the authenticity of chocolate," the company’s CEO, Antoine de Saint-Affrique, told Bloomberg.

    The enchanting new chocolate was revealed at an event in Shanghai, China, today, but its arrival in our local grocery stores remains unknown. For now, I’ll just fantasize about the dreamy new color all chocolate-based desserts will take.

    Words by Valerio Farris at Food52

    [Photo via Barry Callebaut]