Since opening up the doors of their first location in SoHo back in 2012, husband and wife duo Maya and Dean Jankelowitz have been graciously and hospitably fighting off lines and lines of want-to-be patrons, drawn to the spot's unique aesthetic and dangerously tasty dishes. Opening a second location in the West Village just two years later, things haven't exactly calmed down for the restaurant, which remains just as popular and beloved as ever.

Just recently, as a gift to the hungry masses and in celebration of the downtown staple's staying power, the couple has taken all of that quintessential Jack's Wife magic and fashioned it into a book. Jack's Wife Freda: Cooking From New York's West Village is sure to be the must-have of any well appointed New Yorker's library. Can't stand to brave the brunch line? Whip up your favorite menu standbys at home - from the always classic Madame Freda (Chrissy Teigen's personal fave) to the ever delicious Green Shakshuka. Click through for a quick sneak peak of the recipes!

[Photos courtesy Henry Hargreaves]