#FoodPorn: MUNCHIES Hosts A Spectacular Omakase Dinner At New York Sushi Ko

On Friday night, just as we were getting ready to start the weekend, we got clued in about a special dinner Vice Media's MUNCHIES was hosting with Kirin Ichiban Beer. The night was the last in a 4-night residence by Chef Tim Archuleta from ICHI San Francisco, who took over the counter at New York Sushi Ko.

It was an exceptional dining experience: 9 guests (we had the honor of sitting beside to Top Chef judge Gail Simmons and her husband Jeremy) at the counter being served immaculately prepared sushi, as the chef told us everything from how he met his wife & restaurant partner over their shared love of sushi to his travels to Colombia where he ate at a 4,000(!) person steakhouse (which coincidentally one of the other guests had cooked at). Yes, it's the season for hearty feasts...but oysters with caviar, seared fatty tuna, fresh mackerel brushed with the perfect amount of yuzu...we give our full stamp of approval to the holiday omakase dinner.

While we can wax lyrical about one of the best sushi dinners we've ever been to, we've learned at least one thing from years on the social media circuit: showing is better than telling when it comes to food, so here's all the #foodporn from the incredible evening.

[Photos: Jennifer Bobe]