Pop Over To Funny Face Bakery & Stock Up On The Most Hilarious Cookies In Town

by Guest of A Guest · April 21, 2022

    In need of a hilarious hostess gift?

    Desperate for fun Instagram content?

    Just in the mood for something sweet?

    Funny Face Bakery has just opened their newest location at 319 Lafayette Street (just north of Houston), and you one thousand percent need to check it out.

    At just 250 square feet in size, the micro store, painted entirely in a most chic purple, is a veritable museum of meme-worthy treats. 

    Peruse their cases packed with over one hundred celeb, pop culture and New York inspired cookies - or just go all out and have them design a cookie with your face on it!

    Care to see how these masterpiece treats get made?

    You can even catch one of their artists at work, live piping their latest designs.

    [Photos by Anna Morgowicz]