It's Bone Broth Season, And This Brand Has Us Hooked

by Christie Grimm · November 22, 2019

    Time makes just about anything seem normal. Seriously - remember life before quinoa, kale and acai? Years ago, no one knew what bone broth was, let alone would have tried it. While these days, it's a totally average part of any thoughtful wellness routine.

    Living in a post-Gwyneth Goop Paltrow world, it's not like I have to explain bone broth's many benefits, like collagen or gut health - it's all common knowledge. But short of lugging around a tub of broth, there hasn't been a truly easy way to make this health world favorite a part of your daily routine.

    This winter, we'd highly recommend embracing your inner wellness guru, trading in that morning cappuccino for a quick, convenient, on-the-go cup of Broth by Design. A savory way to start the day on a healthy note, their individual serving sized packets of traditional bone broth powder or (for all you vegans) pea protein broth powder are a handbag staple. Just add one packet to a cup of hot water, and you're good to go. A warm, delicious treat to fill you up with lots of the cozy vibes and less than a hundred calories.

    Embrace your inner wellness guru.

    [Photo courtesy Broth by Design]