Keke Palmer Snaps Her Sad Looking Met Gala Dinner

by Guest of A Guest · September 14, 2021

    The Met Gala is all about presentation, but the food? Well, not so much it seems...

    For a change, this year's menu was completely vegan, conceptualized and whipped up by ten of New York's top chefs. And while I'm sure it was delicious, let's just say this was not an Eleven Madison Park looking experience.

    Actress Keke Palmer shared a playful snap of her anything but glamorous plate, which featured  a creamy barley with maitake mushrooms, tomatoes, corn and cucumbers. 

    Like, how much of the $30,000 ticket price would it kill Anna to put towards food?!

    For starters, A-listers enjoyed canapés such as collard greens hot chowder served on coconut buttermilk cornbread, black rice porcini arancini with pumpkin Calabrian chili sauce, and watermelon tart with smoked yuzu soy on a panipuri cracker. And for dessert, there was an apple mousse and apple confit with a calvados glaze. 

    Doesn't sound half bad, no?

    And like, we get it. Everybody's outfits are super tight anyway!

    But honestly, with how much the stars walking the red carpet talk about the thrill of being able to eat again once this is over, the least they could do is set up a dessert buffet! 

    [Photos via @keke]