Leave it to New Yorkers to lose their minds over the dumbest of things. Chobani served in glass bowls, croissants unnaturally joined with donuts, David Chang. And trust me, I can get stupidly excited with the best of them. But this latest Black Tap milkshake nonsense has gone too far. And this is coming from someone who would eat only ice cream for the rest of her existence if that ideal life were even a smidge socially acceptable or nutritionally viable. But hey - when you've waited in line for an hour on the freezing streets of Soho, all to take a picture of one of these sugar-dairy monsters before throwing it at your face, you're taking a picture of more than just a mess of a milkshake, but a mess of a life. Check yourself before you wreck yourself on your diabetic kamakaze mission, and ask yourself - is it worth it? (Probably.)