We've been stunned by Levain cookies, rainbow bagels, and 10Below's rolled ice cream. Since we New Yorkers can never get enough of a tasty new food trend, we'll forever be on the search for something that'll strike our fancy again. Lucky for you, we just might have found it. There are currently two stores in New York that MAINLY serve rice pudding: Rice to Riches and Rice Cream Shoppe. However, the newest, Rice Cream Shoppe, is already making a major splash in the foodie world. Why? Because of their amazing brioche buns! Step aside by CHLOE, a new restaurant is fighting for the Bleecker Street crown. Warm and crunchy on the outside, cold and sinfully delicious on the inside. Don't believe us? Check out these #foodporn pics or better yet, go in and try it out for yourself.