Is too much pizza a bad thing? According to Vinnie's Pizzeria the answer, is, and always will be no. After introducing the world to their 'Pizza on Pizza' last year, they're back with an even crazier (and cheesier) idea...a pizza on a pizza inside a pizza box made entirely Talk about thinking outside the box!

With this new idea you won't only be eating delicious food, but you'll be helping the environment too. Sean Berthiaume, co-owner of Vinnie's, thought of this wild idea after he was sick and tired of seeing so many pizza boxes wastefully thrown away. This way you can savor every last bite of your standard pizza, and then some, without breaking mother nature's heart. 

While some say this idea just seems too overwhelming, it doesn't hurt to at least try it out. For $40 you can call the Pizza Box Pizza all yours. Check out these very happy customers' reactions to this mouthwatering new foodie trend.