Whether or not social media is directly responsible for this tricking of the taste buds, there's just no denying that pretty food tastes better. You know it, I know it, and so does TikTok star Dana Hasson, whose photo-worthy sweet treats have earned her a dedicated following of over 2.2 million fans on the platform.

Interspersed between her beloved fashion hauls and beauty guides, Hasson's dessert videos are pure foodie fun. Her creative takes on everything from mini doughnuts to peanut butter cups and homemade marshmallows always feature her signature phrase, "Should look like this," along with her signature secret ingredient: edible glitter. Because why shouldn't your snacks be as glamorous as your outfit? 

We caught up with the dessert queen for her tips on getting creative in the kitchen, her go-to spots for sweets in the city, and more! Read on below and click through for some of her top TikTok tutorials and sparkly sweets.

When did you discover your love for experimenting in the kitchen?
Since I was young I was always exposed to amazing food and different cultures' food. I would always help out as a kid in the kitchen until it was safe for me to be there alone which is when I started playing around. So I would say at the age of 15 is when I really started experimenting on my own and discovered my love for it.

How do you come up with your recipes / add your own twist on them?
First thing I do when in the process of coming up with my own recipes is look through Pinterest for all kinds of inspiration. Once I have an idea of what I want to make I start creating in the moment. Seeing what products I have around me, what flavors, and it's time to be creative. I just love taking a basic dish or dessert that I know a lot of people love and adding my own touch to it.

Does your love for fashion and beauty translate to your treats?
I would say YES! It's funny because I never thought about sharing my food online but once I did it felt so right and made so much sense. I love things to be pretty and put together (for the most part) and that's also how I see fashion and beauty as well. Safe to say it all ties together in my head.

What are your favorite fun kitchen essentials?
My favorite kitchen essentials are: different size bowls so I can multitask and film a few recipes at the same time, spatulas that are from silicon for easy use, fun molds for cupcakes, doughnuts and basic molds such as circle and rectangle for cakes and such. And of course edible GLITTER.

Which of your creations could you eat every single day?
Well I have to admit that I'm not a big sweet person. French fries over cake any day, BUT there are some things that I can't resist: cinnamon rolls, cheesecake, churros, doughnuts. ANYTHING with caramel and I'm in!

We love how honest you are when recipes don't turn out as planned. Why do you think it's important to share those moments with followers?
Social media can get very fake and toxic. I like to be able to share the bloopers and the real me. Let's be honest, no one is perfect and sometimes people prefer the bloopers over the real deal so I like to mix that in and be honest so my followers know they can always trust me.

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Besides your own kitchen, what's your favorite fancy dessert spot in NYC?
Since fancy is the key word here I'll have to go with Ladurée in Soho since it's always delicious BUT I'm also into small, local, less "fancy" bakeries in NYC such as Maman, Magnolia Bakery, Dominique Ansel Bakery, Supermoon, Ole & Steen. I love exploring and finding new bakeries daily so stay tuned for more!

What's your advice to someone too scared to get creative in the kitchen?
The best advice for beginners is first get to know your appliances. It may sound silly but I think there's something about being confident with your oven and stove that will show you that you're in charge. This will help you play it safe enough that nothing really bad will happen. The only thing that could happen is that the food you made will not be edible and that is OK! I also think that following recipes and really understanding the step by step process will help you get better at being creative on your own :)

[Photos: via @danahassonn, by Darian DiCianno]