You're right to be wary of any dish, ingredient, or cuisine that touts itself as "the newest [insert popular food item here]." Food trends can be fickle and short-lived—one day they're "in," the next day they're "over"—when in reality, food preferences are subjective and personal, and a goji berry that's so 2014 is still available (and scrumptious) today.

However, that doesn't mean you can't note the changing tide of en vogue foods and enjoy them while they're on top. After all, they might give you an opportunity to make use of a (previously) unsung ingredient. Much like fashion trends, food trends provide us with a chance to experiment. And who knows, maybe you'll even find something on this list to add to your culinary repertoire—or else you might discover that a food you already cherished is the newest gustatory darling (and bask in the glory that you knew about it first).

Some of these ingredients or cuisines might already be familiar to you, and some might be totally novel; all we know is, they're what we want to be eating this fall. Come—join us.

Words by Catherine Lamb at Food52

[Photo by James Ransom/Food52]