The best guests come bearing cake. And no matter how useless you may be in the kitchen, you know you've Martha Stewart / Ina Garten dreams of dinner party perfection.

Well Stephanie Nass has the perfect fix for even the most culinarily incompetent. Vegan and gluten-free (two buzz words always sure to please), her almost too-pretty-to-eat pastry Chefanie decorating sheets are the life of the party. Spice up the look of your best baking effort, or add a little something extra to those store-bought cakes, cupcakes, cookies, donuts, and more. Just slice and stick for a perfect, clean look that will have everyone wondering who the hell you think you are.

With a collection of ready-to-order designs ranging from an all too chic slab Carrara Marble to a filigree stamped crowd favorite called St. Malo, Miss Nass also offers bespoke, custom patterns. Embrace your inner prep and match your dessert to your outfit, your tablescape, your decor - go nuts! 

[Photos via @ChefanieNass]