Upgrade your PB&J With Rosé Jelly!

by Eliza Solomon · July 19, 2017

    Step aside Smuckers, a new jelly has taken over and this one has a twist. Drunk Jelly is a real thing and we are so happy about it. This is not drunk jam, as for clarification purposes jam is made from crushed fruit whereas jelly solely uses the juice of the fruit. Wine jelly then makes so much sense; wine is fermented grape juice and hence can be turned into a delectable, sweet spread to accompany a plain piece of toast. 

    Drunk Jelly was started by Marty Millman and her boyfriend Danny on a summer's day picnic in the park. Whilst drinking wine and enjoying a charcuterie board, the pair realized that a perfect condiment to their set-up would be some jelly with an vino twist. Pure genius if you ask us. 

    They recently released summer's favorite drink in jelly form: rosé! It is made with sweet rosé wine and has notes of cherry, watermelon, and lime. While you may decide to stick to the rosé this summer, Drunk Jelly comes in seven different wine flavors that are all worth the hype. Red wine flavors include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Pinot Noir, so make sure to get your stock for when the weather cools down. And, if you are a true white wine-aholic at heart and do not buy into the rose trend, Drunk Jelly also comes in Moscato, Pinot Grigio, and Chardonnay flavors.

    Before you go and buy out the online store, let it be known that these jellies are non-alcoholic, so unfortunately you will not get a buzz, but you will get all the credit for changing your charcuterie board game. And let's just say your PB&J sandwiches will never be the same. Order the jars on the Drunk Jelly website or on their Etsy page

    The 8 oz jars go for $9 and the 4 oz sell for $6. If you're not ready to commit to a wine flavor, try the Drunk Jelly Flight pack where you get a 4oz jar of each flavor. Grape jelly might have been the stuff of your childhood but wine jelly is the stuff of your adulthood.

    [Photo via @drunkjelly, @drunkjelly]