You Need This Giant Cocktail Served In Your Own Personal Watermelon Keg

by Stephanie Maida · August 20, 2020

    No offense, but unless you're literally still in a sorority, you're probably too old to be held upside down above a beer keg. That doesn't mean you can't still engage in some nostalgic, albeit classier, kegger behavior. 

    At critically-acclaimed Brooklyn eatery, Olmsted, nostalgia is practically the name of the game this summer. Known for its sophisticated farm-to-table fare (much of which is actually grown in its own backyard), the gourmet haunt has nevertheless brought some lighthearted fun to the concept of "pandemic dining" by turning its outdoor space into a grown-up summer camp. 

    The menu features upscale takes on classic summertime bites, including a corn dog made with wagyu beef and a waffle version of S'mores, but one of its most buzzed-about offerings is its impressive (and Insta-worthy) watermelon cocktail.

    Served in your own personal mini watermelon, this boozy punch concoction features a refreshing (but powerful) mix of Clarin Haitian Rum, Aquavit, Sherry, Yuzu, Lemongrass, Thai Chili, and... Fish Sauce (?), complete with a spigot to keggify your experience. 

    Coming in at $70, which honestly isn't so bad split between four - or let's be real, two - people, it's definitely the most worthwhile indulgence around town this season. We mean, what the hell else are you doing these days?

    [Photo via @flygtokig]