Wine Ice Cream Is Here Just In Time For Netflix & Chill Season

by Stephanie Maida · October 2, 2017

    While summertime weather seems to have finally retreated, it doesn't look like we'll be saying goodbye to frozen boozy treats just yet. We mean, what's better than snuggling under the covers for a Netflix binge with a bowl (or entire pint - no judgment) of ice cream? Well, we'll tell you - wine ice cream.

    Mercer's Dairy in upstate New York has been churning out the good stuff in flavors from Peach White Zinfandel to Chocolate Cabernet, and the best part? You can find 'em in grocery stores across the U.S. (and even Europe!).

    So whether you decide to upgrade your cocktails with a scoop or prefer to just dig right in, we suggest you put this sweet snack on your shopping list ASAP. Then call your cuddle buddy.

    [Photo via @gabisklar]