As a new mom and a personal stylist in New York City, I know firsthand the struggle - and the joy - of merging identities. I have come to appreciate certain little luxuries in a new way, when “me time” is limited and my hands are full. 

Where before I may have had more time for swapping jewelry or bags daily according to my outfit, I now rely more on “staple pieces” that make me feel fabulous even on the days when I’m working from home in my leggings. My husband and I still make date nights and socializing a priority when we can. However, there are a lot more “party of 3” nights spent at home, cocktail in hand in our jammies too. Spa days? Haven’t had one in 7+ months. But my daily at-home essentials keep me feeling pampered on the regular. 

If you know a stylish mama - or maybe you are one! - these gifts are the perfect ways to spoil.

Natalie Decleve aka "Natty Style" is a Holistic Personal Stylist based in New York City. Natalie brings style and clarity to the wardrobes and lifestyles of men and women all around the world. Effortless, confident, thoughtful. Find her on Instagram @natty_style.

[Photo via @rosiehw]