Serumkind Black Blossom Hand Serum: For anyone who has to live through winter. This emollient hand cream smells like heaven and keeps cracked hands at bay, even during the cold, dry months. While you’re at it, Serumkind’s skincare comes in a rainbow of bottles just begging to be gifted. 

Well Told Health Energy Booster: For the new mom, exhausted exec, or anyone on a Friday. These all natural energy boosting vitamins work instantly and without the jitters. Take it from this very busy writer who swears by them on the regular. 

90 Degree by Reflex Fleece Lined Leggings: For the one who goes running, even in the snow. These leggings are so cozy and soft, they may inspire cozy cups of matcha before, after, or instead of a workout. Pair with one of their adorable tie-dye hoodies and prepare to snuggle.

Eve Lom Beauty Ornament: For the one who deserves a little luxury, even if you’re on a budget. This iconic cleanser and facecloth set is perfect for any White Elephant gift exchange under $25.

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