Gen Z Is Cancelling Chanel Over Its... Crappy Advent Calendar?!

by Millie Moore · December 3, 2021

    Guys, this is not a drill: Gen Z has finally gotten offended over something worth getting offended by.

    Chanel (ever heard of it?) finally followed suit of fellow luxury brands and came out with their own advent calendar this year. Valued at over $800, the box *boasted* an assortment of red lipsticks skincare products, jewelry, trinkets galore, and, of course, some of that iconic Chanel No. 5.

    In reality, however, it appears that Chanel went the Wish version of a Chanel advent calendar. Sure, you get the red lipsticks as promised, but how many shades of red do you actually need? The jewelry in question? Um, a "bottle cap" bracelet and necklace set (yes, you read that correctly). There were some stickers, a magnet, a paper flipbook (?), and a ceramic miniature of their iconic perfume that serves no purpose other than giving off an ever-so-subtle waft of the scent. Oh and don't forget the mini (empty) dust bag. Perhaps for your hamster's Chanel purse?

    Let's just say the only other scenario you'd score these items is if you were to drop $800 at an upscale Chuck E. Cheese.

    Of course, Gen Z took to TikTok to mock the brand because that appears to be where we lodge our customer service complaints these days. Then again, it was TikTokker Elise Harmon (who I thought for a good five minutes was Vanessa Hudgens) who originally gave social media land a peek inside those chic, but ultimately disappointing, black and white numbered boxes.

    Needless to say, her videos quickly went viral and, in turn, Chanel blocked Elise and ultimately ended up deleting its TikTok because so many people were flooding the comment section. Now, the angry horde has taken to trolling the brand's Instagram comments

    So there you have it, folks: Chanel's pricey holiday gift box probably isn't worth it. Not even for the sample sized bottle of perfume. As for whether Gen Z will ever forgive the company in time for "ask your sugar daddy for a quilted bag" season, we'll just have to wait and see...

    [Photo via Chanel]