Nothing Says "Holiday Spirit" Like The Tokidoki Karl Lagerfeld Doll

by SARAH MANDATO · December 21, 2009

    Is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen? You can almost hear the mini Kaiser, himself, saying, "I have no human feelings," and other sweet nothings characteristic of the style icon.

    Available for about a month now, we came to think of the little man in black and white while discussing what additional Christmas decorations were needed in the office. With a tree, stockings and fairly lazy efforts at Secret Santa gifts; this was suggested as the next logical addition to the feeling of holiday spirit. Obviously, it was met with almost unanimous approval (the straight male contingent seems to object to all of our amazing ideas, so we ignore them).

    The tribute to the Chanel designer is the creative genius of Tokidoki, which  means "sometimes" in Japanese. From Italian artist Simone Legno, the brand launched in 2005 and has steadily kept up momentum.

    The latest and greatest memorializes the intimidating presence of Karl Lagerfeld in a 10" toy, retailing for around $200. You best get hopping on tracking the limited edition piece down, should you recognize how indispensable it is as home decor and personal entertainment. Only 1000 exist, and you know they're going fast.

    Besides indefatigable creativity, a personal style so simple yet dramatic and endless quotability; the man who can do no wrong on the runways deserves a place on your home shelf or table. Just imagine the genius its presence can impart. Below, some snippets from dear Karl prove he can be a diet plan, a brutal dose of reality and a consistently unique perspective (and more!), all in one. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

    "Yes, some people say to me you`re too skinny, but never a skinny person says that to me, only people who could lose a few pounds say that."

    "I want to know everything, but I'm not an intellectual, and I don't like their company. I'm the most superficial man on Earth."

    "Chanel is an institution, and you have to treat an institution like a whore."

    "My sisters were sent away because my mother thought they were boring. I was not boring."

    "I don't know Heidi Klum. Claudia Schiffer also doesn't know who she is."