"The Best Guests Come Bearing Gifts" Nicholas Kirkwood's Keith Haring Heels

by Daniel Reynolds · May 15, 2012

    In a marriage of art and fashion, Nicholas Kirkwood has designed a line of footwear inspired by the late artist Keith Haring. These imaginitive heels incorporate many of Haring's iconic images, such as "Radiant Baby," "Safe Sex," and his portrait of Andy Warhol.

    In a video on nowness.com, Kirkwood talked about his design inspiration, which came after viewing the documentary The Universe of Keith Haring:

    "I saw so many shapes with Keith Haring’s artwork that I thought could translate in a really beautiful way onto a shoe... The bold colors, defined shapes and edges––that aspect of it, to me, made it perfect for a shoe."

    In collaboration with The Keith Haring Foundation, Kirkwood strove for innovative ways to recreate Haring's themes of '80s excess and street culture. One knee-high boot, for example, is constructed from 100,000 Swarovski crystals, with the base resembling pink roller blades.

    These Haring heels are currently on display at Nicholas Kirkwood's London boutique, or his website HERE.

    But for a viewing of the artist on this side of the pond, be sure and visit the Brooklyn Museum for its Keith Haring exhibition, on display until July 8.

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