"The Best Guests Come Bearing Gifts"...Google Maps Envelopes

by HANNAH LAWRENCE · April 6, 2010

    Google Maps Envelopes: If you don't already have Gmail, you should get it for two reasons: one, the storage space is insane and two: you could soon have the option of sending an email the old fashioned way (re: snail mail) using a Google Maps Envelope.-

    Instead of clicking the "send email" button, you click the "send envelope" button and for a small fee, your message will be sealed in an envelope that shows the route your words will take to get to get to the addressee and mailed. And when that means electing to send a simple "Thinking of you" through the old dog of the postal system instead of recklessly tossing them into the intended recipient's inbox, you make that sexy one-liner exponentially sexier...because they traveled high and low to get there. Shakespeare would be proud. (And you know he was hard to please.)

    [image via likecool]