What's On Coco Bassey's Holiday Wish List?

by Guest of A Guest · December 6, 2021

    How f*cking chic is Coco Bassey?!

    The Nigerian native may still be new-ish to New York (she made the big move from Atlanta literally right before the pandemic), but she has had absolutely zero problems sartorially adjusting to her new home!

    Honestly, her street style is probably too good for us

    So, curious what's on the Fashion It Girl's holiday wish list?

    Us too!

    How do you celebrate the holidays? 
    My family is split up between my home country Nigeria and the US, and unfortunately ongoing travel advisories and restrictions have made intercontinental travel close to impossible... but I always get together with my US-based siblings at home in Atlanta for a few days around Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm keeping my hopes up for 2022 that I'll FINALLY be able to reunite with my Nigeria-based parents... that's what's on top of my holiday wishlist!

    Where will you be this season?  
    I'll be spending my time split between New York City and Atlanta — Christmas with family in Atlanta, and New Year's Eve in NYC with friends!

    Are you a last-minute or way-in-advance shopper?  
    I'm SO guilty of being a last-minute shopper! But I always try to make up for that with the quality of the gift.

    What's the best gift you've ever given (or received)?
    A few years ago, a friend of mine gifted me the 11 Howard candle by Oliver Gustav, and I've been repurchasing it ever since! It's easily one of my all-time favorite home scents.

    What's your go-to hostess gift?
    I don't know a hostess who doesn't love a beautiful floral arrangement. Designs by Ahn is one of my favorite NYC-based florists, their creations are absolutely stunning!

    Favorite spots to shop?
    Department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom are always an easy go-to to find gifts for anyone! But I also love a customized gift moment, so Etsy is one of my favorite destinations to holiday shop for unique gifts, while supporting small businesses.

    What's on your list to get?  
    At the very top of my list is safe a flight home to Nigeria to finally reunite with my parents after all the pandemic restrictions lift! But in the meantime, I suppose I can settle for a Max Mara teddy coat ;)

    What's on your list to give?
    This past year, quite a number of my closest girl friends had their first babies — so I've been perusing mother/baby gifts and accessories WAY more often!