What's On Michelle Cordeiro Grant's Holiday Wish List?

by Guest of A Guest · December 24, 2021

    As Founder and CEO of LIVELY, podcast host of No Makeup Needed, an angel investor and a public speaker, Michelle Cordeiro Grant certainly isn't swimming in free time. 

    In 2016, Michelle officially launched LIVELY, a community and brand that inspires women to live life passionately, purposefully, and confidently, by way of products and experiences. 

    Curious what's on the boss babe's holiday wish list?

    Us too!

    How do you celebrate the holidays?
    This year we hope to fill our house with as much family as possible! I’ve made it my intention to really focus on unplugging and being present with them too.

    Of course, we’ll have one of those magical mornings with our kids - hubby and I are putting in a lot of effort to welcome Santa on Christmas :) Afterwards, we’ll be off to the Hamptons through the New Years for a few much needed days off layered up walks on the beach, hikes and cozy fireside dinners.

    Where will you be this season?  
    In Manhasset for Christmas, then out East through New Years!

    Are you a last-minute or way-in-advance shopper?  
    Way in advance! This year, I made my list the second week of November and was done by Thanksgiving. Getting it out of the way allows me to truly indulge in and enjoy the holidays!

    What's the best gift you've ever received?
    A topaz ring my husband gave me on our first wedding anniversary… felt so surreal to get through that first year as hubby and wife together :) 

    My sister in law also got us a tree skirt right after we got married that says “the Grants.” I remember being so excited to celebrate our first Christmas as an official married couple and now - 10 years later - to see that same skirt come out every year with my kiddos and our family huddled around it opening presents is the most special! 

    What's your go-to hostess gift?
    My no-fail gift is usually a spirit or wine bottle of some sort! For my tequila drinkers, Casa Dragones is currently my favorite for gifting because not only is it seriously delicious and smooth, but it also comes in a gorgeous turquoise box. For wine drinkers, Avaline is my go-to, and for gin, Pompo & Whimsy. I love that all are female-founded too!

    I also love gifting Le Labo candles because their scents are just incredible, and if there’s room to bring dessert I’m a massive Dana’s Bakery fan so love to bring goodies from there!

    Favorite spots to shop?
    So many! Depending on my mood… I’m obsessed with Veronica Beard, Loeffler Randall, Bandier, Zimmerman - the list goes on. I also can’t resist an afternoon of getting lost in Bergdorfs and Saks (especially during Christmas time)! 

    What's on your list to get?  
    My list is a bit all over the place this year, but it includes anything self care related (massage, facials, wellness experiences), a pair of stylish but comfy running shoes, and I’m really loving tea these days so also on there is a cute teapot and giant mugs to cozy up around!

    What's on your list to give?
    Pretty much all of the bundles on LIVELY’s holiday gift guide list… self care and all things cozy makes the best gifts to not only get, but give :) 

    I also love to spread the love from some of my favorite female founded brands: Modern Picnic (their monogramming gives it a fun, personal touch), Wknd Nation, Ceremonia, Chillhouse, Mejuri, Wander Beauty, Roxanne Assoulin (she has the best bracelet sets that are customizable, which I’m loving)  – so many!

    What's your take on a "festive" dress code?
    I love using the holidays as an excuse to dress up and wear something I otherwise might feel is “too much.” I’m normally all about comfort and function, but when it comes to the holidays… sequins, gold, puff sleeves, or anything else that makes me feel special is where it’s at!