We get it. Your old teammates would call you 'Lil Weezy' because your father decided to fuck up the gene pool with his asthmatic lungs. Now, you're finally moving onto your life as an ~adult~ who prides herself on being dubbed the office cubicle queen and knows what matcha is. However, you can't help but overhear that bitch Jenny brag about going to the gym before work and, even though you know she's a liar and once photo-copied her butt, you feel a slight pain in your chest as she says the word 'endorphins.' You're not sure if this is out of envy or your breakfast burrito, but you know that something needs to change. You will no longer be suffocated by a both your suppressed feelings of inferiority and your Spanx. That's it - you're going to start doing some daily deskercises. That's right, deskercises. Get your stretchy work pants on (you know, the ones that aren't "technically" in the dress code) and check out this guide for some quick ways the working woman can work it out.

[Photo via @happilygrey]