Your dreams of ClassPass may be coming to a screeching halt. ClassPass established itself as the online service that makes in-demand boutique fitness studios available while keeping the price down with a deal of a single monthly fee. At the beginning of 2015, the NYC membership service was a mere $95 per month, so when you (finally) got off the waitlist, joining seemed like the obvious choice. 

Instead of paying $35 per SoulCycle or Barry's Boot Camp class, you could just pay a moderate membership fee for unlimited classes and all types of workouts - from rowing to spin, pilates and yoga. While popularity soared, so did the prices.  By mid-2015, prices rose to $125 a month, which meant you were spending a majority of your budget on your workout and then buying cheap fast food to compensate. 

Today we hear the startling screams of disgruntled ClassPass members: the monthly membership fee is now $200. Um, that's just $30 less than Equinox. You may resort to spinning until your sweat becomes tears, or you can try these 5 cheap alternatives to getting your workout on in the city.