Although there's no question about the benefits of getting in a regular workout, there's often an internal debate about when it's OK to skip your exercise routine for a day or two.

Just as there are people who don't get the daily recommendation of physical activity, ACSM exercise physiologist Jim White told us that there are just as many people who overdo it. White said that overexercising — or even exercising under certain circumstances — can lead to extreme muscle soreness and other problems.

To avoid these issues, personal trainer Miriam Fried says that listening to your body is the best way to determine when you should skip the gym.

When you finally listen to your body — and not the pressure from society or yourself — you'll find that there are plenty of times when you don't need to justify skipping your workout. From sore muscles to a doctor's note, here are some legitimate reasons to pass on the gym.

Words by Emily DiNuzzo at Insider

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