If you've found yourself stuck in a constant loop of reading the news about coronavirus, getting anxiety about coronavirus, feeling the shortness of breath and chest-tightening of anxiety but thinking it's a sign of coronavirus, and then going back to reading about it, you're definitely not alone. Worse than the fear of illness itself is the stress so many of us are dealing with in the face of uncertainty, and what feels like the general state of the world right now. But it's important to remember that while a lot of things are out of your control, you can take hold of your mental wellness. 

"Of course, fear and concern surrounding our new reality are to be expected. That is completely normal," says Jim Curtis, health coach and head of brand at The Insititute for Integrative Nutrition.

"The first step is to ensure that you are sharing your thoughts and feelings, not allowing them to ruminate and build. That said, prolonged worry and disruption of your typical routine are the key ingredients for anxiety."

Thankfully, Curtis says there are ways to combat the cycle. Click through for some of his expert tips for easing your mind.