These days it seems like everyone on Instagram has jumped on the "self-care" bandwagon. Not that that's a bad thing - the more people promoting and providing information on a healthy lifestyle, the better. But for Ariana Cleo, the natural path to both physical and mental well-being extends far beyond any trends. 

The model, influencer, and certified cool girl, whose upbringing informed her love and knowledge of everything wholesome and healthy, is also the founder of Ari Life, a wellness agency that hosts panels, events, and retreats bringing women together to bond, get in touch with themselves, and experience some of the latest wellness-based brands and businesses. Her goal? Female empowerment in all aspects of life, which, of course, begins with oneself.

Immediately upon entering her presence, you could tell that her mission is hardly limited to a hashtag. Her spirit is airy, her smiles are genuine, and when she refers to women as "goddesses," she might be the only person from which it doesn't feel at all contrived. Having been a guest at quite a few of her gatherings, I can attest that they're equal parts Instagrammable, informative, and innovative. From vibrational sound therapy in a salt cave, to sensually dancing around a dinner table among a dozen other women as a form of meditation, Ari Life offers a unique approach to feminism and feeling good.

We caught up with Ariana to talk self-care, CBD, her partnership with Bumble, and some of her favorite wellness hot spots and healthy bites around NYC.

[Photos by Fay Fox]