Bobbi Brown Has The BEST Wellness Advice For 2020

by Christie Grimm · December 20, 2019

    'Tis the season for family, friends, overindulging and come January 1st pretending to commit to some insane regimen you'll never make it a week at. For those feeling forever swayed and confused by the latest Instagram health trend or diet du jour, we'd definitely encourage you be your best advocate by doing all the research you can, and even becoming your own health coach.

    A woman who's somehow managed to do it all, beauty mogul turned wellness entrepreneur Bobbi Brown took that exact path when she decided to enroll at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Recently, Brown sat down with Jim Curtis, Head of Brand at the IIN, to discuss her tips for entering the New Year with a fresh start with regards to both beauty and wellness. Read below for some of her best answers, and click here to watch the chat for yourself!

    JC: "Why did you pursue a health coach certification?"
    BB: "I didn’t need the career obviously, but I wanted the information. I wanted to understand the things I was trying to figure out, and the internet is not our friend. Doctor Google could just make you crazy. You learn so much going to IIN, particularly that what is right for me isn’t what’s right for other people. Bio-individuality, that’s my favorite thing."

    JC: "What's your number one tip to both look and feel good?"
    BB: "I always tell people start with water. It sounds so silly, but get rid of your sodas. You feel better, your skin looks better, and often when I wake up in the morning and I think I’m having a bad beauty day and I look terrible, it’s because I’m dehydrated. So I make sure that I put water in my body. Sometimes I alkalize it, sometimes I put greens in it, but as long as I get it in, that’s all that matters."

    JC: "Tell us about the concept of Primary Foods?"
    BB: "Your life, your relationships, how you treat people, being nice, all those things come back. So we talk about primary foods, and they aren’t what you put on your plate. It’s having a spiritual practice. It’s having relationships that really make you happy. It’s having a career or purpose. So that’s the first food that you’re going to put into your body. And the next food is the nutrition."

    JC: "Do you have any personal tips for being your most confident?"
    BB: "To me confidence is really simple. It’s feeling good in your skin. And once you realize you can’t be like other people and you can only be yourself, you might as well feel good in your body, however that manifests. I learned this first hand because breaking into the makeup industry, I started working with girls that were one-name supermodels: Linda, Cindy, Christy, Naomi. I was 5 feet tall, 30 years old at the time, and they were 18. I could’ve compared myself to them and felt bad, and I realized that was a waste of time and energy. I realized I can appreciate their beauty and still feel okay about myself."

    JC: "What is the most pertinent part of being an IIN certified health coach?"
    BB: "Being a health coach, I love that I do think people can change your outlook. You can change how you look. You can change how you feel in your body. You can get rid of pain in your body. You can do all of these positive things if you just start paying attention to yourself."

    [Photo via @justbobbibrown]